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All my stained class items are hand cut and hand crafted. Some of the items in the store are ready for delivery and some are more customized. These items require a bit more time to create.



Stained Glass Artistry by Dawn Bailey

Welcome to DAB Stained Glass

Please excuse our mess. We are building a complete new site. Visit us frequent to see the new changes.
The DAB Stained Glass Studio was born in 1998. Conceived from a love of the art and craft of stained glass. Nurtured by a passion for preserving the works of the past. And driven by a vision to create new works that reflect our lives today — and into the future. Enhance your home, business, or place of worship with the timeless, elegance of Stained Glass Art. Let me work with you to create a piece as unique as you are. Each design is meticulously cut and assembled from a breathtaking array of art glass, then leaded or copper-foiled and soldered into place.
Some of our items are custom made to order.
Custom items will be marked as such. These items are not pre-made and will take some time to create. For specifics please call Dawn at 860-716-5895 or use our contact form.
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