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Stained Glass Artistry by Dawn Bailey

Artist Dawn BaileyI have always been fascinated by the beauty and functionality of stained glass. About Dawn Bailey (DAB) I started taking a few classes, around 20 years ago, making small lamps and night lights. Soon I was creating panels for my family, friends and my home. I began to do stained glass work part-time in 2001, using the copper foil technique.

I was self-taught at that time, and have been innovative from the beginning with respect to both design and technique.

I now have a fully stocked studio in my home where I spend many hours creating custom orders and products in the Art of Stained Glass to sell. I create everything you see in my website and in my Etsy shop by myself. I design many of the patterns, take my own photos, do the required
computer work, promoting, and packaging. And I love the whole process.

About Dawn Bailey (DAB) I established DAB Stained Glass in September 2008. I specialize in custom pieces but have also created a few pieces from pre-made patterns. I make everything from the basic lamp and nightlight to the much more complex custom pieces. Most of my stained glass work has been
commissioned for private dwellings. I have developed a distinctive range of styles and techniques in response to the needs of my clients. My goal is to share my love of the art with everyone. I get a real rush in seeing a desired visual effect, or a whole picture, emerge from the
assembly of a multitude of painstakingly chosen and shaped small pieces of glass. If you do it right, the viewer does not "see" the individual pieces.

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