Stained Glass Artistry and repair by Dawn Bailey

About Stained Glass

How do you make your stained glass pieces? The steps in stained glass creation are: 1. Find or draw a pattern. 2. Trace or paste the pattern pieces onto the glass. 3. Cut out all of the pieces by hand. 4. Grind the edges of each piece of glass smooth. 5. Wrap each piece of glass in adhesive backed copper foil tape. 6. Layout and solder the piece. 7. Clean and polish. It is a labor intensive and time consuming process How do you color the glass? The color of stained glass comes from the addition of metallic salts during its manufacturing. Art glass as it is sometimes called comes in a huge variety of colors and textures. The metallic glass I use in a lot of my jewelry is called Dichroic glass. Dichroic glass is made by adding layers of precious metals to layers of glass. How long does it take to create a piece of glass art? It depends on the size. I can do a small, simple ornament in 2 hours but it takes weeks for a larger piece. It takes time to do it right. How should I care for my piece of art? I polish each piece so it will only requiring buffing with a soft dry cloth or spray furniture polish to return it to its original shine. Do NOT use a suction cup to display your artwork. As the temperatures change suction cups WILL fail. Instead put a cup hook in the top of a window and suspend it with fishing line or chain. The suction cups in my pictures are only used while I’m taking the pictures. Keep them away from small children since all items are created using lead based solder.